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Ferns Heritage Conference 2018

October 13th and 14th, 2018

Ferns Conference 2018

Date: October 13th & 14th.
Venue: St. Edan's Cathedral, Ferns, Co. Wexford.

This year's conference is entitled 'Pillars of God - church power and influence in medieval Ireland'

Speakers and their topics:

Professor Jonathan Wooding (Sir Warwick Fairfax Chair of Celtic Studies, University of Sydney) will look at early links between Ireland and Wales, focussing on Saints David and Aidan.
Dr. Elizabeth Boyle (Head of the Department of Early Irish at Maynooth University) will explore how ecclesiastical and secular law intersected in medieval Ireland
Dr. Cóilín Ó’Drisceoil (Kilkenny Archaeology and Maynooth University) dips into the medieval fascination with the afterlife and how to avoid an overlong stay in Purgatory!
Dr. Niamh Wycherley (Medieval historian and postdoctoral researcher in the Moore Institute, NUI Galway) investigates the role of relics in early Irish society.
Professor Tadgh O’Keeffe(UCD School of Archaeology) will present on the history and architecture of our own Anglo Norman Cathedral of Ferns.
Barry Lacey (local archaeologist) explores the medieval church of nearby Clone.

The Sunday session will feature a concert in St. Edan's showcasing local talent. Participants will include: a local children's choir, Credo (a female acappella group); Mollie Carroll, a young harpist, and the youth baroque quartet (County Wexford School of Music). This session will also be open to the public.

Booking and payment in advance is required - conference fee is €35 and will include lunch on Saturday and Sunday's concert. If you are interested in attending the conference or Sunday's concert, please email: fernsheritageconference@gmail.com.

Conference Organisation

The Conference is organised by local community group the Ferns Heritage Project and supported by Wexford County Council.

Ferns Heritage Conference 2016 and 2017

YouTube clips of presentations made at last year's conference can be viewed at: click here Click here. Thanks to Alan Owens for his trojan work in video presentations.

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